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Reviving the Artisan Spirit of the Tech World

Something that seems to be more and more blatantly obvious, as I read about the myriad of new startups that pop up everyday, is that they are all so very specific. Every new startup seems to have one niche product that is either very unique or a slight variant of another startups but nonetheless they are putting their resources behind making one exceptional product. Gone, it seems, are the days of having a company like Google, where visiting the Google Labs page demonstrated the massive amounts of pet projects the company was dabbling with.

In our crazy new world where knowledge is so accessible and where anyone can now go out and program an app, startups are having to reposition themselves. Much like artesian and hand crafted products are treasured for their craftsmanship, todays startups are having to show how their applications and products are better designed, planned and executed. Showing how your product is different from the rest has returned as the prime way to set your product up for success. Focusing on one thing and doing it exceptionally well isn’t a new or novel concept but its finding a new home in todays tech world. I think that a lot of the reason for this is due to a maturing of the tech industry around its new economy. No longer does it take a massive team of a 100 to build software to be shipped around the world on discs. Nor does it take a large marketing team to get the word out around your product. No, today we have app stores, digital downloads and Facebook, among many others, to do our dirty work. Its not unheard of to have a small team of 5-10 people make a product and then have an avid userbase that would make any tech giant of old jealous.

Now the focus is not can we do this but rather how do we do this better, more efficiently with less overhead and still differentiate our product across a global backdrop. Its not easy, but focusing on quality overall in both the design and development is key to success in todays tech world.

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Something New

I’ve always been interested and intrigued by the tech industry. Its the main reason I got into programming and gadgetry in the first place. Its this intrigue that has fueled my learnings and caused me to frequent many tech blogs and sites. As I have changed and refined what it is I really love most about tech, so have my views and interests in the tech industry been refined. I find myself very, very passionate about small companies, startups and the like. Something about being so small and firmly grounded in the principles and culture around what your building really identifies well with what I am passionate about.

To me ultimately everything that is built, hardware or software, must have a purpose. In this world if the purpose is not to in someway impact a human life then why do it? If what someone builds does not make things easier, make people see things for the better or greatly enrich their lives then its long term validity is in jeopardy. Someone will always make something better, its those that make things with purpose that cant be replaced as easily.

This is why I feel that many of todays startups are so successful. Many of them are started because their founders are tired of being so detached from what they really want to do, so detached from what they are so passionately driven by. Many large companies have many divisions and while they try to keep small team cultures within their large corporations its difficult to foster these cultures when there is still an overarching company culture that ultimately prevails.

The idea of what im doing here is to share and collect my thoughts as I continue to grow. This is a platform for me to focus my learnings and to start to develop myself more and more around my passions: Design/Development and Business. This will hopefully force me to break down and practice what I’ve been learning over the years and help me to continue to expand my vernacular around this subject.

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